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Facebook (FB) Advertising Agency in India

Facebook Ads

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Facebook Marketing Company in india

In this digitally competing world, you can't simply rely on conventional marketing practices for advertising your products and services to your target audience. Today, there's absolutely no place better than social media platforms to publicize your offerings and get the attention of your target audience. Out of all the social media marketing, Facebook marketing services yield the most result. This is only because Facebook has 2.01 billion active users!

It's the ideal place to advertise your goods, raise brand awareness, and engage with your clients. With Facebook marketing expertise of 14 decades, SmartDigital is one of the expert Facebook Advertising Agency that has managed 300+ social networking marketing endeavors and delivered satisfactory results. In Smartdigital, our crew of social media marketing experts has worked rigorously to guarantee customer satisfaction throughout making us the very best FB advertising agency in Mumbai India.

Marketing on Facebook

  • Informative and appealing Facebook Business Page for earning the audience's trust.

  • Vintage Facebook Advertising Management Services for increasing conversions.

  • Facebook campaign management solutions for raising brand awareness.

  • Target local audience for increasing storefront footfall.

  • Facebook's figures, the accuracy of advertisements is about 89% through a targeted campaign.

  • Facebook advertisements are extremely affordable when compared to other programs and other online marketing channels. They're designed to be appealing for every business.It is the economics of scale.

  • Facebook is very effective in converting traffic into potential clients with constant remarketing. They have a very focused approach to funnel a visitor into a lead.

Our Services

  • Facebook Ads Management
    The KEY to Facebook Marketing is to think in the audience's point of view. With this idea in mind, we try to offer the most effective advanced Facebook Advertising management services in India.

  • Brand Awareness
    Branding is the absolute need for each business today. In this cross-cutting competitive business environment, raising awareness around your brand can be difficult. In SMART DIGITAL SEO, our imagination will allow you to cross this hurdle.

  • APP Installation / Engagement
    By implementing Facebook advertisement strategies, we make sure that you think of engaging advertisements that divert the user to a desktop USER or mobile app to boost your APPS downloads and engagement.

  • Increase Conversion Rate
    The main goal of marketing on Facebook is to reach more clients and increase sales. With the choice of creating highly targeted ads, you can increase your conversion rates manifold.

  • Increase Local traffic and Reach
    While global presence is crucial, a business should also pay equal attention to the local audience. By creating customized advertisements, Facebook gives you many creative ways in which you can increase your reach and local traffic.

  • Traffic Diversion
    By creating eye-catching posts and advertisements, we give the targeted audience a valid reason to click your link and redirect to your site to take the desired call-to-action.

  • Monitor & Analysis
    While Facebook provides many ways in which a business can advertise, we be certain that you keep a routine check on which strategy is working and which strategy do we will need to eliminate to yield the best results for our customers.

Our Facebook Promotion Success

Every business who first thinks of advertising on Facebook wonders how rewarding this stage actually is for advertising? Although it is super simple to produce and establish a new Facebook page, it isn't a cakewalk to manage and yield the expected effects. We always try to implement innovative Facebook FB Advertising techniques to get the wanted results. Successful branding requires a great deal of effort and time. There are a lot of things that Has to Be contemplated for getting the expected outcomes -


  • Bridging the gap between your business and your audience.

  • Giving your brand maximum Facebook exposure.

  • Making use of different targeting specifications such as age, sex, behavior to target an audience that converts into loyal customers.

  • Making your Facebook page a hit among Facebook users, increasing authority and brand recognition.

  • Budget-friendly advertising techniques.

Our Facebook Advertising Services Includes

Smartdigital is the reputed FB ad agency in kolkata India which has immense expertise in -

  • Creating Facebook ads with relevant Call To Action center

  • Generating visitors out of Facebook marketing

  • Creating exceptionally valuable and applicable Facebook advertisements

  • Driving caliber prospects through the Facebook advertising manager

  • Diverting the users to the site to take certain Call To Action

  • Re-marketing activities for reaching the customers that have previously visited the site.


  • Why is Facebook advertising successful?
    Facebook advertising has become the most cost-effective advertising investment almost any business can create. It is cheaper than almost every alternative resource/platform of digital advertising. Contact us to discuss your Facebook marketing objectives.

  • Where can I get the finest Facebook advertising service?
    In SmartDigitalSeo, we've got innovative Facebook advertising plans and alternatives. We do our best to create memorable and lasting content so that your applicable customers have participated positively, and you gather new clients/customers every day.

  • For which countries do you handle Facebook Advertising?
    We provide our electronic marketing solutions worldwide. We consider in expanding your footprints on Facebook like never before and create content that forms a never ending chain of brand loyalists and customers.

  • How can we make sure that Facebook Marketing will help us in growing our business?
    Primarily, there's absolutely no doubt that Facebook is the most common social networking platform today. Secondly, the success of your FB marketing efforts depends on your product, target audience, and your perfect purchaser's persona. If you're clear with who is the ideal client, it is easy to place your brand in front of them. Facebook gives a good deal of freedom in extremely filtering your target audience. Even in the worst case situation, you will at least improve your brand visibility.

  • What is the advertising process on Facebook?
    This can be summed up in the following steps - Create your Facebook Page Establish your Facebook Ads aims Choose your effort goal Select your target market Choose where and how you need your ads to include Confirm and place the order Maintain a routine Facebook advertising report.

  • Just how much does it cost to prepare a business page on Facebook?
    Setting up a Facebook business page does not involve any cost. You have to produce your Facebook profile. Once you have established your own Facebook profile, you can go farther to create your FB business page.

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